improving playground safety

knowledge, understanding, and accountability!



What happens if your child

is severely injured or loses

his or her life while at school?

For approximately seven hours a day, five days a week, and ten months out the year, our children spend most of their time away from home at school. During that time, who is responsible for our children? 

The school is responsible for the safety of our children.

Schools must provide a safe environment for our children. This means that the school has to take action to make sure our children are not harmed in any way by other students, teachers or staff, persons entering the school without permission, or structural problems with the school building and grounds.  

Important Questions

Were there acts of negligence? Did the school do something wrong, or fail to do something altogether, that caused your child to be injured or fatally injured?

Schools are responsible for taking steps to prevent or stop those things it knows about, or should know about, that may put our children's safety at risk on the playground.

Taking Action

Help Safe at Play to advocate at the local, state, and national level for safe playgrounds and accountability for adult supervisors.