improving playground safety

knowledge, understanding, and accountability!


This non-profit organization is dedicated to her memory and our commitment to protect children and promote children's right to play in a safe play environment. 

Let’s all work together to prevent needless childhood playground injuries due to lack of or improper supervision, failure to ensure usage of age appropriate equipment, and failure to maintain and inspect equipment by a certified playground inspector. Help us help each other to decrease the number of resulting deaths and disabilities associated with childhood playground "accidents" in children under the age of 12. Help us to advocate at the local, state, and national level for safe playgrounds and accountability for adult supervisors. 

As a Girl Scout, Tyrah promised on her honor, “To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law.” Our little Princess’ life was short, but we hope to make her legacy eternal by fulfilling her promise, bringing awareness, and effecting change. 

We ask for your support in educating the community on the vital importance of playground safety to prevent childhood injuries, disabilities, and deaths.

How could this have happened?



On February 1, 2016 the most unimaginable and unacceptable happened to our family that resulted in the loss of our daughter, Andrea Tyrah DeBruhl. On this day, we sent our children to school as usual with the intentions of seeing them between 4:45 and 5:00 PM for pick-up from their after-school program. At 12:55 PM the unimaginable began to unfold when the school phoned us at work to inform us that there was an accident on the monkey bars and for us to proceed immediately to the hospital where Tyrah was being transported. It was there that they officially announced that we loss our daughter. Tyrah suffered from asphyxiation when she became entangled in the monkey bars on her public school's playground during recess.

 Our Mission

. in memory of our

  5 year old daughter,

  Andrea Tyrah  DeBruhl,

  to  educate  schools, parents,

  children,  and the community

  at large  on the vital importance

  of playground safety as it relates to active and     proper supervision, age-appropriate design, and           equipment maintenance. In addition, we seek 

  to pay forward charitable help and services to the     community and  those in need in honor of our      

  daughter, Tyrah.

Andrea Tyrah DeBruhl

4.12.10 - 2.1.16